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Schmuztnik is a platform game where all the art is made from play-doh. Spelunk into the caverns with your robot, reaching up to higher areas with your extendable neck, clean up the ever-growing green slime, avoid enemies, and ultimately reach the exit for each cave. 


  • Arrow keys or A, D, and W to roll left, roll right, or perform an action.
  • RRestart level
  • ESC Exit to title screen / Quit game
  • An Xbox 360 controller also works, with START functioning as ESC. Other controllers hopefully do too.

Schmutznik is now available to purchase!

This began as a 6502 assembly language game for the Atari 8-bit computer series. I switched to GameMaker when I found assembly language too difficult to write, even with great support from the Atariage.com programming forums. 

The stretching mechanic was inspired by a peculiar feature of sprites on the Atari - sprites on these computers are narrow but can be as tall as the screen.


  • Members of the Atariage forums for the initial assembly language help
  • Very helpful members on the official GameMaker forum
  • Johnathon Will Hand for early play testing 
  • Jim Cook for continued bug finding, play testing, and advice
  • Firehawke from TeamNullset for superb advice.
  • I learned so much from the following GameMaker teachers on YouTube - Heartbeast, Shaun Spalding, and Tom Francis
  • Fantastic gameplay ideas from Game Maker's Toolkit (and, while not related to gaming, Nerdwriter1 is a great breakdown of culture and Every Frame a Painting is so good on the techniques of filmmaking. /Digression).


  • Coded in GameMaker Studio 2
  • Audio made in Garageband with a few sounds make in Bfxr. (and cleaned up afterward in Adobe Audition).
  • Artwork 99% made from Play-Doh and edited in Adobe Photoshop
  • Fueled by Earl Grey tea, medium-dark coffee brewed in an Aeropress, and Theo 70% dark chocolate.


 Coding, sound effects, and artwork by Avram Dumitrescu. www.onlineavram.com. Music by Jeffery Meyer.


Nov 24, 2021 - Another minor bug fix. And Schmutznik is discounted by 34% until Dec. 1!

Nov 6, 2021 - More bug fixes, optimization fix, and screen-shake reduction. 

Oct 19, 2021 - Some minor bug fixes

Oct 14, 2021 - Full version of Schmutznik launched!


Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

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