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A platform game made from colored clay. · By Avram_Dumitrescu


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New demo is available
A new demo for Schmutznik has been uploaded to! It has the first five caves and hopefully gives you enough of an idea if the game is for you. I think wo...
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Bug fixes
A number of minor bugs have been corrected with Schmutznik...
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Schmutznik is live!
Schmutznik is live and released! It's been a long journey and I hope that, should you play it, you enjoy the project. Fingers crossed no major bugs show up. Onc...
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Schmutnik has had two public streams now, one by Firehawke from Team Nullset, and another by Uncle Indie: ~Lotus Labyrinth R~ Finale probably tonight? - Twitch...
Steam and Social Media
If you follow this development log you might be wondering why Schmutznik isn’t out yet. That’s because I had two major bugs trip me up (there's also the dem...
Music and Housekeeping
You may have received updates that this page has been updated. Mostly it's been all kinds of housekeeping but I can announce a few things. The game's titlescree...
The game is now in beta and being tested by some friends. Along with this page I am going to also host the game on Steam. 35 levels are ready to play an...
Level Names
Here's a list of all the rooms that currently exist (though #35 is still only thoughts on paper): Airlifting in. Hot stuff, rising. Bounce. Mine. Here be Dragin...
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Feel free to ask me any questions about the game!
started by Avram_Dumitrescu Oct 16, 2021
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