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Stetchybot is a platform game where all the art is made from colored clay. Spelunk into the caverns with your Stretchybot robot, reaching up to higher areas with your extendable neck, clean up the ever-growing green slime, avoid enemies, and ultimately reach the exit for each cave. 


  • Arrow keys or A, D, and W to roll left, roll right, or perform an action.
  • RRestart level
  • ESC Exit to title screen / Quit game
  • An Xbox 360 controller also works, with START functioning as ESC. Other controllers hopefully do too.

This is a work-in-progress which means the game is not finished and has some rough spots - did it do something bad? Let me know in the comments below or email stretchybot@gmail.com

Currently this does not cost anything but, if you wish to help further its development costs, you are welcome to donate something. The final game will be released sometime in the future (hopefully 2021).

Stretchybot began as a 6502 assembly language game for the Atari 8-bit computer series. I switched to GameMaker when I found assembly language too difficult to write, even with great support from the Atariage.com programming forums. 

The stretching mechanic was inspired by a peculiar feature of sprites on the Atari - sprites on these computers are narrow but can be as tall as the screen.


  • Members of the Atariage forums for the initial assembly language help
  • Very helpful members on the official GameMaker forum
  • Jonathan Will Hand for early play testing 
  • Jim Cook for continued bug finding, play testing, and advice
  • I learned so much from the following GameMaker teachers on YouTube - Heartbeast, Shaun Spalding, and Tom Francis

Programming, audio, and artwork by Avram Dumitrescu. www.onlineavram.com


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