Delays, delays

I had every intention of launching this game at the end of January 2021 but that's not going to happen, unfortunately. Recently, I got involved with an exciting book project (not game related but part of my illustration world) that has taken priority. I am also back to teaching  which has slowed the game down.

Anyway, those are the excuses for the delay. This is what needs to be done to the game:

  • Design, code, make art for, and  create audio for the final level. 
  • An end sequence would be nice
  • Replace the level select screen with something a little more visually interesting
  • Playtest!

So stay tuned? I'm hoping to have a draft of the book project completed soon and am itching to get back to completing the game. No idea of an ETA but let's say 2021.

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I have no idea why the formatting is screwy on the post. Residue from 2020, perhaps?